4 Month Pregnant

Everything About You and Your Baby at 4 Months Pregnant

Things are beginning to feel different by the time you are 4 months pregnant.  Rest assured that all of the changes going on right now are part of the normal development of you and your baby.

At this spot in your pregnancy, about 16 weeks along, your baby is getting ready for a growth spurt.  The little one will grow from the size he is now – an average of 4 ½ inches long from head to bottom and about 3 ½ ounces in weight – and his stats will begin to multiple.  Within two weeks from now, his weight will be doubled and his body another 25% longer.  No wonder you’re starting to feel a little more cramped around there.

By this point your baby’s legs are becoming much stronger and well developed.  His head is beginning to look familiar as well with a straighter neck and eyes that are moving forward onto his face.  His ears are moving towards their permanent location and the patterns on his scalp are the beginning of hair, although likely none has sprouted yet.

His organs are well on their way to development as well, with his heart leading the way and pumping up to 25 quarts of blood each day.  That number will keep climbing as your baby grows and all of his other internal organs are working at their jobs as well.

If you had a rough first trimester with morning sickness, anxiety and mood swings, you likely feel more settled by now.  Many women have reduced nausea, increased appetite and a calmer spirit at this point in their pregnancy.  That “glow” begins to shine brightly by the time you’re 4 months pregnant.

Some women will begin to feel the movement of their little one around this time.  Don’t get uptight if you can’t though.  More often movement is distinct between 18 and 20 weeks into the pregnancy.  If you stretch out in a comfortable spot, you will have a better chance at catching the fluttering, bubbly sensation that’s actually your baby flipping and dancing inside.  Relax and wait for it to come – you may even mistake it for gas bubbles.  Once you feel movement, the frequency and intensity will grow as time goes by.

The recommended weight gain for expectant women is 25 to 30 pounds over the whole course of the pregnancy.  In this second trimester you should be looking to gain about 12 pounds towards that total.  Work at eating a healthy diet, including plenty of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean proteins and healthy fats.  If nausea hasn’t allowed you to cook often and you’ve been living on processed foods, try working in a few fresh, home prepared meals as your body settles into the forth month.  Your appetite is going to increase over the next little while (if it hasn’t already) and you want to eat healthy, optimal foods for your baby.  Always have healthy, convenient snacks on hand – like bananas, low fat cheese and yogurt with berries for mixing in.  This will help when hunger strikes and sweets or fatty foods beckon.

If everything in your pregnancy is stable, you should be able to enjoy plenty of exercise while being 4 months pregnant.  Walking and swimming are always favorites.  Low impact and easy to do, these exercises are great to do with a partner and can help to keep your muscles toned.  Work at keep the pace while walking or in the pool for at least 20 minutes to get your heart rate pumping. 

Every baby and every woman develops at a slightly different rate.  Don’t be alarmed if you and your little one seem to be off of this timeline.  Your regular visits to the doctor will keep track of growth and change within your womb and without.  Just try to stay healthy with your diet and activity levels and remember to relax.  Being 4 months pregnant is a special time – be sure to enjoy it.